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Laboratory - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming as if a laboratory is just being equipped is a sign of new beginning, which is surely to be successful; you should not relax, you need to act and then success is sure to come.

Burned laboratory says that you have lost hope for a better future, but you should not give up, because you will have a resounding success soon, it is only necessary to go ahead against the odds.

If you attend a research laboratory in a dream, it bodes that you will succeed, and all your endeavors will be very effective, however you should not rest on our laurels.

If you see children caring out a scientific experiment, it indicates that you can’t comprehend the fact that you are a grown up; you never make informed decisions, you continue asking for advice from your parents and you are afraid to do anything against their will.

A lab in many cases is a harbinger of good events, but sometimes this symbol could portend a bad situation. Consequently, it is important to take into account even the smallest details.

If you dream of a laboratory, you will be able to make an important discovery that may help you get out of the predicament and redeem honor.

If you perform the experiment alone and something goes wrong, it states that all your attempts to solve the problem will be in vain.

Often this dream symbolizes wasting, so you have to consider each purchase carefully, not to get into debt after all.

According to Nostradamus after a dream about a lab something strange will start happening to you in life. Dream book of Hasse foreshadows good career; and Miller promises new friends, thanks to whom you will achieve success without much effort.

Dream book of Simon the Zealot foretells a disease that you will have to treat for very long time; so you should be examined, as there are chances to notice the disease at an early stage. The laboratory is a harbinger of positive change, but if after this dream you have some unpleasant emotions, you can retell this dream to someone and it will not come true.