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Lamp - Meaning of Dream

There are many variations of dreams in which you may see a lamp, and therefore you may find a lot of interpretations for them.

The old lamp filled completely with kerosene promises great business activity and achievement of goals in foreseeable future. If this lamp is completely empty, it forebodes the feeling of despair and depression.

Any lamp with bright light guarantees happiness and good fortune in the family, as well as the profit in your business. On the contrary, if the light of the lamp is dim and scattered, it tells that you will experience the outbreaks of envy and jealousy, and will look for the culprits of your bad mood. The explosion of a bulb symbolizes the desire of detractors to damage your affairs significantly.

It has long been known that some dreams can predict future events. In the dream books any object or event has its own special interpretation. After analyzing all of the proposed explanations of concrete dreams, you can make a forecast for the near future and try to avoid unnecessary mistakes that can lead to adverse consequences.

If the light of a lamp suddenly goes down, it is a possible sign of trouble and misfortune; and if a lit kerosene lamp falls on the floor, it bodes that the plans that were planned to be realized can suddenly collapse. If you incidentally dropped it, the dream portends unexpected traps and snares of those who behave like your friends now.

If you carry a lamp from one room to another, it foretells that in reality you will actively demonstrate your independence and freedom. As you can see, the interpretations of the dreams advise not to take them very seriously. You can be guided by these interpretations only as recommendations for future actions.