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Last will - Meaning of Dream

According to the modern dream book, last will symbolizes spiritual impulses, tests, and quarrels. Perhaps a dreamer is going to become a party to a trial. Drawing up of a will indicates that a dreamer is surrounded by loyal and trustworthy people.

A dream, in which you held the last will in your hands, confirms your commitment, and independence, which will help to realize your aspirations into reality.

If in a dream your expectations about membership in the last will were not satisfied, in reality you might face the tricks of detractors, and disagreements with partners that will materialize in the loss and grief.

If the last will was stolen or destroyed by fire, it is a herald of deception and treason. If you lose the statement it foretells misadventures in business. If in a dream the confirmation of the last will was complicated by the lack of a notary, in real life you will be slandered by a person who has influence on you.

Drawing up a will, in Miller’s dream book, predicts explicit serious doubts, and the trials of life. Upcoming events require your concentration and energy. The loss of the documentation portends unfavorable development of the business. The deliberate destruction of the will warns about the presence of deceiver or an informer among your friends.

According to Vanga, the last will represents dreamer’s compassion and sympathy. The actual destination of a dreamer is to assist the sick, miserable, and wretched. If in a dream you were given the right to inherit, in reality it portends excess property and luxurious existence. This dream may foretell a real inheritance, or lottery winnings.