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Letter - Meaning of Dream


A letter in our dream is a complex symbol. Its versatility is shown in a great number of means by which we receive, read, write or send it.

If there is a letter with bad news in your dream, it has a negative meaning in waking life too. It bodes difficulties on the way of achieving your aims. If you intend to start carrying on your business or get a promotion, be ready to anything. You can be confronted by some obstacles, but they are quite solvable. Don’t be scared. If you are sure that it is what you want to be occupied with in your life, you must stop at nothing. Be strong, determined, reasonable, careful and decisive! You will need such traits of character like never before.

If you’ve received some letter, the content of which is positive, it means that exclusively positive emotions will prevail in your waking life. Wait for a series of happy events very soon. They will affect every sphere of your life – business, private, etc. Don’t just enjoy them but try to handle them with benefits for you. These lucky events can be very helpful as the basis for your next beginnings. Moreover, being happy with your sweetheart will promote your success in business circles.

Reading an anonymous letter in your dream has a couple of interpretations:

An unknown to you person may offend you. May it lie on his/her conscience if this person’s offence is groundless.

A person you like and know rather well can betray you. So, don’t lose your heart; relying on your own abilities and knowledge would be much better. Remember that you can always count on yourself only.

If it is you who are writing an anonymous letter in your dream, it shows that you envy somebody. Don’t stuff your head with such nonsense! It is not a good quality; it doesn’t represent you from your best side. Think at what price this person has achieved all this. To reach such heights, you have to work hard. Get down to work!

Having received a letter written in white ink on a black piece of paper implies that soon you’ll probably be cast down. But thanks to your friends, you’ll feel better very soon. They will convince you that there is nothing critical in your situation. Although, it is an unpleasant one, you’ll be able to survive and make it beneficial for you.

If in your dream you’re sealing an envelope, it means that you keep something to yourself in your waking life. Evidently, you have solid grounds for it. It can happen that your secret will be under the threat of being discovered.