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Lie - Meaning of Dream

In Miller’s dream book, if you lie in the bed, this is a harbinger of the appearance of a close friend. It is believed that if you lie in a dream - you are waiting for the arrival of the groom, or a new acquaintance.

If you lie in the mud, it signals of a plight which is hard to get out; the more dirt you see, the worse the situation will be. After analyzing own actions, a person can understand the meaning of this mud (adultery, embezzlement, perjury, murder, abortion, revenge, etc.). If a person has not done anything wrong, but only makes plans, then this dream warns of impending punishment, if he/she does not change the intentions.

A very pale and thin relative lying in a clean white bed portends illness of a relative. A man with dirty feet lying in the bed bodes booze with the fight or stabbing; a woman with dirty feet - insidious conspiracy behind your back.

A dirty old woman lying in a clean bed foretells a serious illness; and the old man portends the loss of inheritance. If you lie in the bed with a dog, you will have a reliable friend; if a cat lies on your head – you will recover, if the cat lies nearby, it tells that a man with frivolous intentions will appear in your life.

If you eat sweets while lying in the bed, it portends a joyful journey; eating red pepper - a journey full of interesting but dangerous adventures.

If you wet the bed, this is a herald of a trip on the ship. If you lie on a deck naked, it foretells the fall in exchange. If you found yourself lying in the bushes, it tells that you will successfully escape the punishment; and if the bushes were prickly, it reflects your fears of retaliation.

The dreams about lying have many meanings, here it is important to remember all the facts, because the slightest detail can completely change the prediction.

Lying on his deathbed in a dream portends recovery and a long happy life. Lying naked on the roof under the scorching sun portends being in the high light of a huge number of people (perhaps the whole world).

If you lie on the grass and whisk mosquitoes and other midges, it reflects the fight for a place in the sun; but if you were attacked by bees - success is assured, and if wasps - it is better to give up, as the fight will be very dangerous.

Lying on an elephant indicates the desire to become famous; therefore you may perform some foolish acts for the sake of this. Lying and floating on a cloud portends fulfillment of dreams; lying in the waves - changes in life.

If you lie on the soft and clean coach, it portends welfare and happiness; broken coach with springs - burdened family life; chic coach - envy.

If you lie in the booth and feel the bites of fleas – you will meet with friends and spend the sum of money which exceeds your material possibilities. Lying on the bottom shelf of soft wagon portends unexpected pleasant events; on the top shelf - a big change in life for the better. If you nap in a hammock, you will have a trip or a picnic.

If you lie on the floor in own house, it portends new purchase, the replacement of furniture, or repair; but if the floor is dirty, then this dream foretells illness, quarrel, adultery. If you lie on the floor in some establishment, it portends troubles at work; but if someone gives you a hand and helps to get up, it means that there is a defender who can protect you.

Lying on the table - surgical intervention. If you lie on the floor in the library, you have the desire for studding and receiving knowledge like in school.

If you lie at the bottom of the clean pond, it portends a quiet peaceful life, but if the water is dirty, it means a threat to get into bad company (players, thieves, brothel, etc).

If you lie on the crossroads, you will have to make a serious choice. If you dream of many men lying on the road, it heralds some important event (opening of a new enterprise, re-election, trips abroad), and if you saw women on the road, get ready for possible rebellion, beauty pageant, plotting, increase in food prices.

If you lie in a lush garden in the warm rain, this is a herald of a good harvest; if the rain is cold with hail, soon you will have discord with loved one.

If you lie into the bath, it portends joyful events (addition to the salary, moving into a new apartment, purchase of a car).