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Light bulb - Meaning of Dream

If you dropped a light bulb in your dream, it tells that your plans in life are unlikely to cometrue. If you lit a light bulb, it forebodes that you are going to introduce some innovations in your work, with the help of which you will get a good profit in upcoming future. Going somewhere with a light bulb in your hand bodes that you will not depend on the opinion of people around you.

If the light goes down, it is a signal of big trouble that you may face soon. If you drop a bulb out of your hand because of the strong fright, it warns that you need to be alert, because the enemies will attempt to trap you.

If your clothing burns because of a lit bulb, it states that you face misunderstanding and disapproval instead of praise and sympathy.

In modern dream books the light bulb stained with oil, promises a lot of work, and the results may be different from those you expected for. Most likely you won’t be satisfied with the outcome of your work and will get seriously upset about it.

If you saw of an empty bulb, you should try not to fall into despair and despondency because of problems, since they are not as serious as it seems at first glance. If you dream of a light bulb that emits bright blinding light, this dream states that you will finally get a well-deserved success and a warm family hearth.

Glimmer foretells the feeling of jealousy and envy towards your partner. You will calm down only after an honest and serious discussion of this topic with your sweetheart. If the light bulb is broken, it foretells the death of a close friend or a relative.

Bright light of a bulb portends the improvement of life situation, health, positive emotions, and good luck in business. And dim light, on the contrary, portends a complication of situations, negative emotions, illness, failure and so on. Some dream books say that light bulb in a dream is a sign of a child birth. Two light bulbs, respectively, portend twins.

If unmarried girl dreams of a bulb, it foreshadows that soon she will meet someone whom she will decide to get married.

If you saw of a light bulb, and the dream interpretation predicts something bad, do not get upset. The dream may be a warning of rush acts; or maybe you have focused your attention on something wrong. In any case, do not think about the bad, believe in the good and life will become a fairy tale for you.