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Lighter - Meaning of Dream

Lighter is a symbol of hope. Like the beam of light, the fire of lighters in a dream suggests something good and bright.

If you buy a cigarette lighter, this is evidence of snobbery. Kindle the light, it signals of your hope.

Erotic dream book states that if a dreamer sees the lighter, there is a chance of shocking and unexpected meeting with a pervert. It is also possible that a dreamer may become an accidental witness of the sexual act.

The modern dream interpretation states that a lighter in a dream signals of urgent need to rest, as it is likely that the body has overworked.

If you present a lighter to someone, it symbolizes good luck and success.

If a girl dreams that she is trying to kindle a broken lighter, more likely it is time for her to start arranging personal life.

Other dream books say that a lighter in a dream signals of a scandalous woman that will appear in dreamer’s life.

Dream Interpretation Book of Hasse states that a lighter brings love or even danger from passions. If you light candles with a lighter, it portends love. If the light the petroleum-lamp with the help of a lighter, it foretells the triumph in affairs.

Generally a lighter is a symbol of masculinity, which is why it characterizes the male potency.

In any case, you should pay attention to the mood in a dream, as well as the items that you are trying to light with a cigarette lighter.

If the lighter works properly and the fire burns even, this tells us about the good and healthy potency, and perfect health of a dreamer. If the lighter does not work, on the contrary, it is a symbol of upcoming man’s health problems.

Lighter symbolizes sentimentality that enhances the sensuality, and helps to enjoy the pleasant sensations. Also it exacerbates mistrust, therefore, after seeing such dream, you shouldn’t overreact to small negative events in the coming days.

Luck will accompany the dreamer, who presented a lighter. The loss of lighter predicts possible quarrels with neighbors. Another interpretation of this dream says that someone wants to fool you.

If you are accustomed to the conveniences and comfort, you will have to simplify the conditions of your residence for some time. Your refined manners will help you to find the advantages of this situation, and you will bear difficulties easily.