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Lime - Meaning of Dream

Lime predicts the beginning of failures. The troubles will get you cornered and plunged into a deep depression. You will experience an irresistible urge to set adrift everything and hide from relatives and friends in a safe haven. It is possible that the problems at work will be accompanied with the shock of some horrible news that literally paralyzes your will. Try to pull yourself together, and then after a while fortune will be on your side again. You will certainly recover lost positions, and will possibly become even richer and more successful than ever before. Dreaming about the lime promises you the new birth, the great improvement of the quality of life and boundless prosperity, but only on one condition: do not lose hope, fiercely resist the blows of fate and believe in the best.

If you saw a special oven designed for baking lime, this dream advises not to take hasty decisions in love or business. Kiln warns: be careful and cautious, lay low for a while. Victory comes only to careful and patient people. In the foreseeable future, you risk losing the most precious and important in life.

Miller’s dream book says that if you dream of the lime - prepare for disasters and hardships. Most likely, in upcoming future you will experience very unpleasant event that will knock you out of your stride. But you should not be upset - you will find the strength to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Of course, it will not be easy, but life is worth to fight desperately for it. By overcoming all the problems, you will become richer and more powerful than before. An oven, in which lime is calcined, tells not to make serious decisions about personal and business lives, the time for that has not yet come, you will have to wait a bit. If you lime washed something, it tells that you will achieve reconciliation with colleagues or friends. An alternative interpretation of this dream does not sound so optimistic: it promises move out, trouble and heavy, prolonged illness.