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Lodger - Meaning of Dream

A dream in which you saw, a lodger settled down in your house, promises you some problems with the money that you may have in upcoming future. Probably, you will suffer losses due to unexpected complications in important business; or you won’t just get the money which you count on.

If you quarrel in a dream with a lodger, because he/she owes you rent money and is not going to return the debt for housing, this is an auspicious sign that promises good luck and unexpected income. For entrepreneurs this dream promises a very reasonable conclusion of the transaction or start of a profitable business; for employees such a dream portends higher wages, bonuses or unexpected opportunity to earn extra money.

A dream as if your lodger paid you a significant sum of money for a few months ahead, on the contrary, is a bad omen; it shows that in the future you will lose a large part of your financial condition. The reason for this will be the collapse of the business, in which you have invested a lot of money, or an unfortunate incident, which will require considerable amount of money for damage control.

If you had a dream, as you rented a house, probably you will suffer a great family scandal, after which some of your relatives and best friends will no longer communicate with each other. Awareness of the fact that your action caused the quarrel, will cause you a lot of remorse and worries, but you will not be able to correct the situation and you will just have to wait until eventually the relationship between the people you love will improve.

For a married woman, if she rented a flat to a lonely man, this dream may results in the loss of good name, and nasty gossip. Soon a dreamer will succumb to momentary passion and will not resist the temptation, and her weaknesses will become known to a wide circle of people who would condemn her for that.