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Log - Meaning of Dream

A huge pile of logs in a dream is a sign of profitable and successful business. Construction of houses with logs symbolizes the desire and opportunity to have a large and happy family. If you have to perform a difficult job, as sawing logs, then you may have a misunderstanding with relatives.

Log in Miller's dream book indicates your ingenuity, with the help of which you can find a way out of any situation. If you dream of rotten logs, then you have to give up your hopes. Bypass the log blocking the road means that you will be lucky if you demonstrate quickness.

If you can’t manage to get around the log, in reality you can only hope for fate while dealing with difficult matters.

Log in a dream book by Vanga has ambiguous interpretation. It can symbolize an obstacle to the objectives, and stubbornness which will contribute to achieving of a goal.

If you dream of a giant log blocking the road in your way, but you are not hesitated and you find a detour, this dream means that in reality no one will be able to prevent the fulfillment of your goals.

In a dream you are striving to move a log but your efforts are unfruitful, it means that in reality someone stupid can interfere your affairs.

If you have to carry a log which is very heavy, in reality you have a big problem. If you want to get rid of it, you have to be less categorical.

If you saw logs wit ha great effort, it means that set such a goal which can be achieved only by means of extreme perseverance.

If logs fall on you and you protect yourself by all means, it indicates the fact that your plans might be ruined by influential people.

You walk through the woods and see that trees turn into roughed down logs and it suddenly begin to fall creating barriers, this dream foretells you participate in solving environmental problems.

To see a huge log in a dream means that you will control all circumstances and will not rely on the long arm of coincidence.

If you pull a log somewhere, it means that you will go into long journey or even move to a different place.

To stumble over a log means that you will find a soul mate that you were dreaming about all life.