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Loose overall - Meaning of Dream

A dream, where you see yourself in loose overall, means that soon you might fall sick or be trapped in an affair from which it will be difficult to get rid without losses. These losses will be connected to health and finance – you will spend a lot for your treatment.

If in a dream you see a group of people wearing loose overall, it means that you will have unwanted guests. Try not to show your real nature and mood, be polite and hospitable, who knows, maybe soon you will have to ask their help or will have to stay at their place for some time.

If some of your friends or relatives is wearing loose overall, it means that they will have good changes. You might even help them with it: help to find a job or build a new house.

If you buy a loose overall – you will do a lot of work in order to provide good future for yourself and your family, but only with their help you can reach a lot.

A dream, where you present a loose overall to someone, is a prognostic of difficulties in affairs in close future. After such a dream you shouldn’t waste your time on somebody else, just perform your duties first in order to avoid troubles, and only then help somebody else. Your future depends on your actions at this period of your life.

If you sew your own loose overall – be ready for troubles in all undertakings. Do not start any business alone, it might collapse due to the lack of confidence and knowledge. It is better to find a good partner.