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Magician - Meaning of Dream

Magician, who performs miracles in a dream, foretells unexpected and pleasant surprises in reality. Also it is a harbinger of profit in trade business. If in real life you aspire to a variety of knowledge and love to learn something completely new, then you will have eventful interesting journey.

If you watched ordinary people doing magic, it is a pleasant omen. In life, there will be significant changes that can lead to success and profit.

Miller in his dream book states, that if you dream of a magician, it is a good sign. Reality offers some surprising changes. Your business will soon develop in the best way, thanks to a fluke. You might also create a new family, and your marriage bond will develop on your patience and personal qualities.

Magician in the dream book by Vanga is a herald of pleasant and unexpected changes.

Freud noted that you have to be prepared for surprises after such a dream, change of marital status are guaranteed.

Magus, priest, magician in a dream, portends that you might deal with the evil power; there will be troubles, cheating, and disease.

If he is waving with a stick, it indicates unjust way which you have chosen. If he casts a spell on you, it foretells changes in the weather.

To hear him beating in drums is a bad sign, somebody will spread lies about you; but if the drums break–everything will end up happily.

If you are holding a magic wand in a dream, it means that life prepares you to a test, which is difficult for others, but you will overcome it with ease and still achieve the benefits, profits and privileges.

If you have stolen a wand from a magician or a fairy- you will not be able to overcome obstacle that others barely notice; you will be in disarray from your bad luck.

The image of wizard in your dream – promises you profitable development of your affairs. Good luck and fortune will help you with your honest pursuit of happiness and wealth. It is possible that you create a family, the strength of which will depend on your patience.

Wizards are associated with childhood fantasies about fairies and gnomes, and with wonderful assistants who solve human problems. In a dream, an image of the magician may also reflect unsustainable, unrealistic fantasy or magic feeling about life.

If you are a wizard in a dream, it means that high power patronizes you in all spheres of life.

If somebody of your surrounding has such power, it means that some changes will help you to become rich.