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Manuscript - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a publishing building and walking inside as an employee is a signal that soon you will have to solve other people's problems. If you are participating in the meeting for a management of a publishing house, where you discuss manuscripts of different people, in reality, you will have a lot of wise advice from people around.

If you are a secretary, who reads manuscripts before sending them to the management, it means that you will have to spend all your time and efforts in order to solve your problems. It is possible that you will need to take time off or leave from the family for the whole weekend.  

If you see yourself as a manuscript corrector in a dream, it means that nobody is going to help you, and you need to rely only on your own abilities. If you see yourself as an accountant in a publishing office, it means that you will have to help some one financially.

If you see how you bring a manuscript of your book to a publishing office and dream develops as following: they accept you in the office, read your manuscript, you get agree on a price, and set the date for publication of your book - it's a good sign. In reality, you can freely do whatever you want – you will be lucky in many spheres. It is necessary to set a plan and work on its fulfillment.

But if in a dream you are faced with difficulties - the manuscript is made with the wrong font, the authorities have holidays, and a price for your book is high, it means that you have to correct you behavior in reality, it is necessary to change. Otherwise, soon you will encounter difficulties and implementation of plans may be delayed.

If you bring your manuscript to a publishing centre during not working hours, for example, at night, it portends a positive change in your life. You might attend a psychological training that will change your destiny. You may accidentally meet your classmate who will offer you good work. And, perhaps, suddenly you are doing to meet your love on a dating site.

You might get scared, not knowing what dream about manuscript in fire means. But, such a dream does not mean anything bad. Manuscripts do not burn. Accordingly, the fire around it is a symbol of protection, and in reality you will be accompanied by protection of your family, of the higher powers, and of your own confidence.

If you are an employee of a publishing office in real life, and you dream of your workplace like in horror movie - empty scary room, it means that you should be careful, inattention to people you know can lead to sad consequences. But love and respect can work wonders not only in fairy tales, but also in reality.