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Marrow / Zucchini - Meaning of Dream

Usually marrow in a dream represents financial and material side of a real life. If you just looked at this vegetable, the dream indicates unfavorable circumstances. Alas, your boss will not notice or appreciate your hard work and initiatives.

Also a dream about zucchini may portend that you will become a convenient target for rumors and gossip on the part of colleagues and friends. Eventually, it is unpleasant, but you will have to live with it, because you have to be in the center of attention for long.

If in a dream you bought marrows in the store or market, it is a good sign, predicting family well-being and social recognition.

If you were weeding, watering or harvesting marrows, in reality you will perform monotonous and hard work almost for free. Unfortunately, you won’t find anything else, so be patient and practice endurance.

If you cooked zucchini, get ready for vital events in life, which will be connected to a temporary shortage of funds. If you ate zucchini with pleasure, you will have the opportunity to earn good money. It is possible that in upcoming future you will be invited to some celebration, a wedding or a birthday party. You will relax, forget about the problems and spend great time in a fun company of relatives and friends.

Miller stated that you will have to perform poorly paid and tedious job for a quite long time, after a dream in which you weed and water the garden bed with zucchini.

If you served a delicious zucchini dish, you will face a complex and controversial period of life. Eating morrow foretells a great rest at a nice place in the company of close friends.