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Mastiff - Meaning of Dream


Mastiff, which appeared in a dream, can have several meanings for the dreamer. Interpretation of the dream depends on the circumstances in which there is a dog. Most often, such a huge dog in the dream is seen as a sign of upcoming meeting with an influential friend, who can help managing deals.

If mastiff licks your hand in a dream after you had fed it, the dream may mean that a friend, whom you helped, wants to thank you. If the dog rushes to the dreamer, it means that his/her enemies decided to annoy him/her.

If mastiff protects a person from danger, then in the reality the dreamer will have a patron who wishes him/her only successful career and promotion.

Mastiff in the dream for a girl can mean a successful marriage.

If the dog is sick or dies in a dream, it could mean health for your friends.

For the interpretation of the dream about dog the huge importance makes its color. White dog in dreams is a sign of prosperity, success will be achieved with the help of a friend; black dog may portend treason, betrayal by a close friend.

If you see mastiff of a truly gigantic size it may indicate that the dreamer will soon meet the man who will become his great friend. Sometimes the dream can also mean that the dreamer will be supported by an old friend.

Huge fantastic dog with flaming eyes, which haunts you and tries to swallow you means that some circumstances relating to a recently deceased person will be revealed.

If you dream that you are the owner of mastiff it means that in reality you can easily get rich, putting a little effort.

Meeting with mastiff that scares the dreamer could presage that he/she will have to resist the environment, which is characterized by mediocrity and vulgarity. The dreamer is committed to spiritual development, but close people drag him/her into a routine.

Just a big dog which scares with its appearance portends illness of friends or close people.

Completely white big dog is a symbol of deteriorating situation in the industry and reduction of the standards of living that can happen in the Nordic countries in winter.

Among other things, mastiff in a dream can be a symbol of dependence of the weak on the strong. Subconscious is projecting an image of a dog in a dream, as something that initially protects the dreamer, and then submits it.

If you see a particular person who brings mastiff into your house it means that this person wishes to dominate over you in real life.

What a mastiff means can be better understood by the dreamer himself, because images that come in dreams are often projected by subconscious in order to help to do correct deeds in real life. To better understand the importance of the dream, you should recall the details and circumstances, in which you saw mastiff.

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