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Meeting - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you meet a friend and have a nice chat with him/her, in real life, friends and family members will please you, and work will be done easily.

If when meeting with a friend you feel uncomfortable or your meeting took wrong place and wrong time, you may feel guilty for committing illegal acts that will become a public domain.

If you meet with your grandparents and talk to them, then in reality you will encounter difficulties, which will be hard to overcome, but if following a good advice, you will successfully manage the situation.

If you meet strangers in a dream, it is a harbinger of good or bad, actually it depends on the appearance of strangers. If a stranger looks pleasant, this promises good consequences; if he/she is ugly and sullen – be ready for troubles.

If you meet somebody in the airport or at a train station, it foretells that your hidden problems will appear and will require solutions. In addition, you'll hear news from afar.

If you meet someone with bread and salt on the doorstep - you will have pleasant troubles at home.

If you meet with company representative, who is your partner in business, this dream indicates uncertainty, striving to correct own affairs for expense of others.

Dreaming of a business meeting signifies about sluggishness in affairs, solicitude and anxiety.

Dating, seen in a dream of young people, is a sign of their mutual indifference.

To see someone interrupting a meeting means hasty and ill-considered steps in business that will entail trouble.