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Meringue - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see meringue dessert, it means that soon you will get a deserved reward for your efforts. To whip meringue means that your hard work will be rewarded. Not be able to whip meringue means excessive loss, what is surely unprofitable.

To cook meringue desserts/decorate a cake, according to the dream interpreter, means that you will have adventures, which you never had before.

If you eat meringue immoderately, it is a warning about deterioration of health.

To eat meringue means that you spend too much money, sometimes without thinking about the results. You might spend all savings and tomorrow reflect on where to take more. If you don’t change your behavior, very soon you will lose a source of your income. This dream warns you to treat money more careful.

If you treat your relatives or friends with meringue – you “come up to scratch”, you consider yourself almost a God, you want to give love and present gifts, you are happy. Try to save thing feeling as long as you can, your relatives and friends will be happy. But don’t be proud too much, because everything can change very fast.

In other situation the same dream can have a different meaning – you can’t calm down, and you always envy your relatives, friend and just acquaintances. At the same time you do not undertake any actions in order to reach success in life. You need to know that envy never brings success, it will only spoil your mood.

If you buy or order meringue for some special event, this dream symbolizes the feeling of guilt, which you have towards your close surroundings. It might be somebody younger than you – your sister, brother or children. You feel guilty, but your pride doesn’t allow you to accept it. Remember, that person’s power is reflected in the ability to ask forgiveness, even if it is a person who depends on you.

If you throw out spoiled meringue, soon you will get disappointed with somebody. Try to estimate the situation objectively, and understand that person, who caused you troubles. Moreover, this dream - can mean reconciliation after a long alteration.