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Mess - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you came home and unexpectedly found a horrifying picture of mess, it means that in reality you often behave too openly. This dream is a signal to keep your secrets with you, because people whom you trust can use it for their own gain and thus will cause you serious harm.

If you dream that you look for something in a nightstand or a table but you can’t find it because of mess and randomly stacked objects, then in reality you may have health problems. After this dream, it is desirable to pass the medical examination.

Mess in a dream book by Miller as a rule can not be considered as a favorable dream. If you see furniture in disorder, piles of clothes, scattered debris and all sorts of stuff, this dream is a sign of nervous breakdowns, frustration and annoyance that you will receive from outer world.

A dream, in which you see yourself in the midst of randomly placed objects, portends a meeting with former lover. You will see the changes that have occurred to him/her, and re-evaluate old feelings.

Disorder in a dream book by Freud is a powerful symbol that clearly and vividly reflects the specific features of the sexual instincts. This interpretation draws a direct analogy between the disorder in a dream and in real life. If you dream that your home is in mess, in real life you have the same chaos in sexual relations. Moreover, such a situation does not cause your discontent. You are absolutely sure that the search for true love will be successful with trial and errors. In your opinion, in order to find a worthy sexual partner you have to go through your own experience.

If you dream of a mess in someone else's house, then in reality you are very unhappy about the fact of frequent change of partners. You even have the desire to change this situation, but for some reason you can’t manage it.

If you try to organize mess in your dream, it means that you will have to work hard in real life, only then everything will be successful.

To see mess in your house is a sign of sorrow and disappointment. If somebody makes mess in your house, it means that your friend will lose his/her reputation and good name. If you were the reason of mess – be ready for financial problems.

If you see mess in a flat, it means that very soon you will meet a nice person in life. Be prepared for everything, the result of your acquaintance depends on you.

If you are surrounded with mess – you will meet a person whom you loved before. But now you will see how he/she has changed and will be surprised of how your attitude has changed.