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Mew - Meaning of Dream

Mew is a symbol of freedom and action. If you dreamed of a mew, you can be absolutely confident of the upcoming events, as it promises only positive emotions. Perhaps some significant changes will occur in your life.

Mew in a dream can predict that your head and mind is filled with thoughts, which represent a lot of positive plans for the future. Only your actions can make everything come true. And do not be afraid to fulfill everything you have on your mind in reality, because all efforts and actions will have positive outcome. Sometimes, a mew in a dream indicates that your desires may remain to be dreams. But in fact you are able to change the situation, so do not be afraid to act.

If you dream of a mew hunting fish, it is necessary to be attentive to own thoughts. During this period some thoughts, which can cause troubles to your well-being, may appear in your mind. This may influence your income and profit as well. But remember, this is only your thoughts.

If you saw a mew circling over a pile of rubbish, it's time to think about those goals, which you have recently set. This dream can be a warning that these ideas are not as good as you might think. That is why you need to abandon your plans and find other solutions.

But if you dreamed of a mew soaring in the sky, you may be confident of success. This dream is positively influence all aspects of your life. This includes your personal life and work, creativity and study. It is a symbol of prosperity, freedom and complete success in all matters.

If the dream tells you about failures, it does not mean that it will happen, since the dream is just a warning, and you are able to avoid everything that is undesirable for you.

If you see a mew flying away very quickly, it is a sign of your ambitions. This dream means that all your undertakings will be manageable only if you make a specific plan of its achievement.

If you dream of a dead mew, it means that you should be ready for separation from friends. It can be caused by many reasons, one of which is the distance. But, do not get upset too much, though the separation will be long, still after a while this person will appear in your life again, you will meet and nothing or nobody will interfere in your communication.

Dream book by Vanga says that if you feed a seagull in a dream, it is a sign of your kind nature and ability to care about others, sometimes forgetting about own needs. Still be careful, because detractors can take advantage in this situation.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the dream, and see what can be done after the dream with a mew. After all, as Vanga said, it is a very bright sign, which is, however, more negative than positive.