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Monitor lizard - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you saw a monitor lizard - be careful, it seems that a liar and braggart has snuck in the company of your closest friends. A dreaming about the monitor lizard is prophetic only if you see it on Friday night.

If a giant lizard attacked you in a dream, it warns you to be ready for a trick of a close person.

Monitor lizard in a dream book by Miller predicts attacks of enemies. If you killed a giant lizard, you will be able to restore own reputation in the eyes of colleagues, and good luck will return in your life. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a high price for this: you will worry about the relationship with your loved one. Apparently, he (she) does not understand your business and will go off into hysterics.

If you dreamed that lizard sheds its skin or bites you, be ready for adversity and trials. Some time you have to save money and successfully survive this difficult period, gather the courage and make up your mind to fight.

Fleeing monitor lizard in the dream book of Freud foretells that you try not to pay attention to the little things that hint at the infidelity of your spouse. Your naivety or carelessness will cost you dearly.

If you saw a monitor lizard without a tail, this dream warns that you might have problems with sex. If you caught a monitor lizard, then you should not hope for a favorable outcome of any date. Alas, your hopes will be vain.