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Mortgage - Meaning of Dream


If you issue a mortgage loan to someone in your dream, it means that you have to be more careful with your surroundings; there may be some confusion in financial matters.

If you talk to your lender, it means that you will easily overcome the obstacles that have long seemed to be inconceivable.

A dream, in which pay off a mortgage with your credit card means a favorable outcome of an affair, on which you have spent a lot of time, effort and nerves.

If you feel worried in a dream because of the inability to pay interest on your mortgage credit, indicates the fact that soon you will seek for help from your friends or relatives, and some of them will really help you.

If you dream that you can not repay your mortgage, it means that you should be more careful while spending you money – you risk wasting it in vain.

Dreaming of a mortgage credit application process means that soon will begin some exciting events, which you have been waiting for a long time. Everything will change for the better, if you take into account all aspects of these events.

If you buy something on credit, it means that you will be provided with much confidence in an important business, which may require total commitment.

If you pay off your mortgage in a dream, it means that soon all your wishes and desires will be implemented, but you should remember that in any case do not refuse the proposed help from loved ones, since they will contribute in the successful outcome of these events.

If you dreamed of interest-free mortgage, it means that you can safely start new affairs, because luck is favorable to all daring undertakings.

Consenting to receive mortgage as a bank employee means a successful promotion and changes in career.

Usually, mortgage is seen in the dreams of people, who are unsure of own situation in life, but often this uncertainty can appear to be unreasonable. Of course, dreaming of mortgage is peculiar to those who actually have something to do with this financial transaction in real life.

You should remember that the interpretation of dreams is quite a delicate topic, and in any case you shouldn’t percept it straightforwardly or project it into real life.

If in real life you have a credit and you dream of inability to pay for it, it is unreasonable to start panicking and waiting for financial troubles in life.

Also, before interpreting each specific dream, you shouldn’t forget about details which play significant role in correct interpretation.

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