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Motordrome - Meaning of Dream

If you see yourself on a motor/autodrome in your dreams, it means that you will meet somebody of opposite sex, more likely you will begin new romantic relations.

Traditionally, a car is a symbol of probability and fulfillment of plans and affairs. However, it depends a lot on the circumstances of the dream. For example, if a person dreams that he drives a respectable car on a motordrome, it means that he will keep his nose to the wind. In other words, all the important and interesting things for him will be under his control.

If you dream how you come out of a car, it is a good omen. You will be a winner in the nearest scrape or in important business, and will not have any loss. If you dream that you sit in somebody else's car – you will be involved in unfamiliar problem.

If a race in a stranger’s car brings you pleasurable sensations, it means that a trip will bring some favorable opportunities or conditions.

But if you had a dream in which a car is broken or in a critical condition it threatens with setbacks and difficulties in the near future. It can also mean the illusion of a controlled situation.

A car can symbolize a variety of meanings. The main thing is to remember under what circumstances you see a car: whether you see it or sit inside someone else's car; how the car looks like, if there are any defects or scratches.