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Name - Meaning of Dream

If you hear like somebody is calling your name several times, this is a quite favorable dream. It testifies that you are surrounded with friendly and reliable people. You can be sure that in difficult times they will not disappoint you.

If someone mispronounced your name or called a different name, it tells that you will face all sorts of doubts in reality; strange presentiments may appear at times. In addition it will be difficult to get rid of them. If in a dream you have a name which differs from your real one, this is a warning of upcoming troubles.

A dream, as if you have forgotten your name and can’t remember it, indicates that you feel out of place in real life; it seems that the events develop harmfully only for you. If this happens often, you must determine the basic necessities of life for yourself.

Sometimes a young woman may dream as if she writes the name of her loved one in a notebook or somewhere else, this means that she notices some changes in relationships with him in real life. A dream, where you heard someone else's name, portends a possible meeting with somebody with the same name in reality.

According to Miller, if you hear like someone calls you by name, this dream bodes that you will require help from the influential people. A dream, in which you hear the familiar voices calling your name, foretells that your affairs are in poor condition. Perhaps, the situation will be rather difficult for you to manage it alone, and you will ask for help. This help you will get from unknown and unfamiliar people. The dream book says that thanks to them, you will be able to apply all the undertakings.