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Naughtiness - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you observe a child’s naughtiness and you are irritated, the dream interpreter explains it as a fact that many accumulated troubles and problems will disturb your daily rhythm. You are quite tired, and you dream about rest, it is vital for you in this period of life.

If you like watching a naughty child, it means that you like everything new, and you can easily start some new affairs. Such a dream is a sign of your willingness to develop in different directions. Also there is a possibility to find a new place of work.

If you indulge a naughty child, it means that you are a very gentle person and you can be easily influenced by somebody else. It disturbs you from making own decisions and move up the career ladder. Try to be all-sufficient and don’t pay attention to other’s advice.

If you punish a naughty child, it means that all your efforts in business will be fruitful and fair. Whatever you do will bring its real results.

If you are naughty as a child, this dream is a mirror reflection of your engagement and life energy in reality. Also it means that people around you can easily communicate with you, and you are authority for your surrounding. Proceed with the same persistence and all your plans will be fulfilled faster as you may imagine.