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News - Meaning of Dream


First of all, a dream with some news is a signal from your subconsciousness to pay more attention to something or somebody. You must finally understand what or who is really important to you. Because of your uncertainty, there may appear serious conflicts inside your family and problems at work.

A dream with some news is the case when it denotes quite opposite in reality. Having received good news in your dream is not the reason for gladness. On the contrary, it cautions you against something unpleasant and even dangerous in the nearest future. Be attentive and careful. In any case, you must meet the difficulties proudly. Nobody except you will smooth them over. Having received bad news in your dream implies that you have not to be afraid of something you concern about. The outcome won’t be as unfavorable as you think. You’ll be impressed how easily the things will sort themselves.

If in your dream you’re hearing some mass media news, it suggests that you may behave disrespectfully with some high-ranking official. You’ll have to pay for this sooner or later. It can happen that you will be demoted (it is the mildest punishment). Anyway, it is you who can decide whether it is worth of all negative consequences it may cause. If yes, you should be ready for anything and endure it steadfastly. Also, a dream with such content presages some trials on your life path. You’ll achieve what you want but a bit later. You’ll have to gain more experience to play a cherished role.

Seeing your friends or acquaintances who are telling you some news about their lives in your dream is an unfavorable sign. It forebodes troubles both in your private and business life. What you should remember is that you cannot lose your heart. These problems are quite solvable. Making efforts and being reasonable will help you to come out victorious. Distributing time between your business and family is rather difficult, but in such a way you’ll balance your attention. As we know, the lack of attention and concentration can cause real problems both emotional and financial.

If a man finds out about the pregnancy of his sweetheart, it is a good sign. It designates that he is psychologically ready to have a child and raise him/her. It is also a display of affection and love towards his partner; he wants his present beloved to deliver him a baby.

Don’t be scared if you learn about the death of a person you are not indifferent to. It is a good prediction in reality. It implies that he/she will live a long and happy life and be healthy.

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