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Noodles - Meaning of Dream

Noodles are a symbol of sadness and longing. If you dream of eating the noodles, it tells that you have to tame own appetites in the important affairs. If in reality you try to attract someone’s attention, the dream hints to leave that person alone at least for some time. You shouldn’t bother and constantly call him/her. If feelings are mutual, then everything will get better without pressure, and if not, you should look for other ways to solve this problem.

If a woman eats noodles in a dream, she should stop demanding certain things from her husband, or buying unnecessary purchases. These requirements will only cause negative emotions and quarrels.

For a man, the dream about noodles forebodes getting out of trouble and turmoil. If he happened to betray his beloved one, it tells that in reality he will avoid the punishment. However, all the secrets will be revealed, so in such moments it is better to break all the relations and stay with a person, who can be considered as family.

If you dreamed of stranger eating noodles, it tells that in the next two weeks you will meet with a bright and memorable personality. This person will play a definite role in your life. Ugly noodles consumption marks the negative impact; beautiful and sexy eating talks about the pleasant impact of this person. In both cases, a person will change your life, or some moments and situations. Fateful meeting will add new thoughts, ideas, and will help revise the inner worries.

If you cook noodles in your kitchen, it tells that your inner world will change. Hidden cherished dream and fantasy will break out from the depths of the soul. Part of them will be necessarily fulfilled, but it unlikely can bring something good; you should bear in mind that the secret desires are often aimed on money. Your desire to gain fast profit will bring negativity and troubles. It is better to cast off the idea to chase easy money.