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Note - Meaning of Dream

A note is the symbol of the news. If you dreamed of a note, then be ready for changes in your life.

If you get a torn note in a dream, it is a herald of bad news. If you receive a note from hands of a widows or an old person, it is a bad sign. The good sign is to get a note from the hands of a child or young attractive women.

The note in the envelope can tell that you will receive the confidential information known to small amount of people.

Why dream of a note to women? Women usually dream of a note receivable of any news or gifts. If you dream woman receives a note from the hands of her boyfriend, she promises is good news, as if from the hands of enemy - that bad.

A woman often sees a note in a dream, as a herald of upcoming news or pleasant gifts. If she receives a note with poetry, it promises her a speedy love affair - very bright, but unfortunately short-lived.

If you received a note with bad content, it foretells woes and bad news. If in a dream a woman receives a note that indicates the date and time of the meeting, it says that soon she go in a trip or will have a date.

For a man, a note also portends news and changes in life. If he gets it from woman’s hands, he will have a love romance.

But, most likely, this relationship won’t be the beginning of a new union. It will be just a slight flirtation, which should soon be over.

A note is a warning dream: stop doing a few things at once, do not waste your time on trifles, otherwise you will get a lot of trouble and problems that will change your life into a living hell.

If you read a note, which was addressed to another person, and you were not the sender, it bodes that in reality you will worry because of unnecessary matters. In addition, such a note warns against excessive frankness. Try to control your emotions, discussing with outsiders what you have seen and heard.

If you received a note with the strange contents, you will have to choose who of the two candidates matches you better and continue relationship only with one.

If you can’t read the note because of the scribbles, beware of intrigue of your colleagues.

In a dream you received a warning note - apparently, now you are suffering from mild depression. You tend to see everything in dark colors; sadness and pessimism have become your constant companions. Try to calm down, take a look at the world from a different angle; remember – now there is no objective reason for despondency.

Love note predicts the breakup and bad romance. If you received a note from a stranger, it bodes that distant relatives will ask for your help and support.

If a man reads a note with explicit content that was addressed to his beloved one, it tells that he has to restrain his groundless jealousy, because it can lead to very adverse consequences.

If you scribbled a note to someone with enthusiasm - alas, but future victories will not bring you the slightest joy.