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Obstetrician - Meaning of Dream

If you see an obstetrician in your dream – beware of illness. At this period of time your health is under risk. For a pregnant woman, to see an obstetrician in the dream is a warning, that a labor may have complications.

For a lady, to see an obstetrician in the dream is a sign that she might be insulted by enviers.

To be an obstetrician means that you will start serious business but not for your own benefit. To take delivery means that you will get quite big profit. To help an obstetrician to take delivery leads to fight.

In a dream you take part in delivery in the role of an obstetrician, it means that you will soon experience some kind of event that may initially seem quite insignificant, but later will have very serious importance. This may involve, for example, a new acquaintance, which then turn into a long lasting relationship.

Some dream books say that after such dream you will need to make choice for future; others – indicate the need to change job, since this one is not suitable, and you spend time in vain while doing it. Another meaning is contrary prognoses you achievement of success and wealth.

What to do if the interpretations are so different? You need to choose the one that suits you personally, based on your own intuition. After all, dreams reflect the subconscious of your mind which you have to pay attention for.

If you see your friend being an obstetrician – in real life he/she might offer you some affairs which will lead to your financial collapse.