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Orangutan - Meaning of Dream


Orangutan symbolizes difficulties on your way, but they won’t be as serious as it may seem to you at the first glance. The devil isn’t as dark as it is painted. Before pressing the panic button and asking for help, try to solve these problems by yourself. You’ll cope with them! They are within your depth. Besides, it will be helpful for you as additional experience. If there are problems of similar kind in the future (God forbid), you’ll know for sure how to eliminate and avoid them.

Also, seeing an orangutan in your dream implies that somebody is using/will use you to gain his/her selfish ends. Probably, you even won’t be aware that you “help” somebody this way. So, be cautious and don’t get involved in suspicious affairs. Not all people around you are as sincere as you think.

If you’re scared of an orangutan, and you’re running into the woodwork from it, it means that you tend to exaggerate seriousness of some situations. It also may characterize you as a person who easily yields to any difficulties on his/her way. If you don’t change your life philosophy and your ability to face problems, you’ll stay in this phase of your life for hundreds of years. To gain something, you should be ready to fight for victory almost at any costs. If you consider yourself a successful and strong individual in the future, you should become more determined and self-confident. Exactly the problems we are confronted by every day help us to become such people. Don’t be afraid of them. On the contrary, try to get as many benefits from them as you can. Remember that there are two sides of the same coin.

Seeing an orangutan in a cage has two main meanings. The first one says that your run of bad luck is left behind, and in the nearest future your life will be full of lucky, easy-going days. If there are any troubles, they won’t affect you at all. It is possible that you won’t have to make even slight efforts to solve them. Everything will sort itself out. Use this favorable period reasonably. While you have such a possibility, have a rest or devote your free time to your hobby. Nobody knows what lies ahead. The second interpretation of such a dream suggests that you’re waiting for the time when nothing prevents you from achieving your goals. Be prudent because you can wait for it forever. It may never come. That’s why take a reality check.

If you’re seeing a dead orangutan in your dream, it is a good sign for you. It foretokens a carefree life. Nothing will prevent you to achieve what you want. Your business and family life will thrive. You and your family will live well. You won’t learn what financial hardship is.

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