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Painting - Meaning of Dream


When there is a painting in your dream, it is very important to remember what was painted, a plot of a picture. It is a key to deciphering your dream successfully. They suppose that a plot of a paining mirrors a current situation in your life, your wishes and fears.

A painting in your dream also implies that you’ll fall prey to somebody’s deception. Keep your eyes open. Be cautious toward the people from your surroundings. Remember that trusting everyone is dangerous. It can backfire and result in great financial and psychological losses for you. On this ground there can appear domestic problems as well.

If in your dream there is a painting which you’ve already seen, it means that you’ll be absorbed with nostalgia. Sometimes it is pleasant to recollect the past. We shouldn’t forget it. At the same time it can be negative for us staying there for long – time flies…

Burning a painting in your dream may designate that you’ll have to defend your interests very soon. If you know for sure that they are affected unfairly, it is worth fighting. Don’t give up!

If you’re painting a picture in your dream, it represents that you’ll take part in some useless affair. Think twice before adhering to some rather doubtful offer not to waste your time and efforts.

Buying a painting in your dream implies that you’ll be quite disappointed with the results of your work. What you should do first is to find a reason for it in yourself. Analyze a situation and determine your mistakes. When you know them exactly, you won’t make them next time.

If you are visiting an art gallery in your dream, it suggests misunderstanding (and even quarrel) with your relatives. If you can avoid or eliminate it, do it as soon as possible.

Also, it may denote a need to take some important decision and make a choice. Not to make a mistake, weigh all pros and cons, consider different variants beforehand, ask respected people for advice and only then choose and make a decision. Be sure you’ve done everything you could for an adequate result.

Setting a painting in a frame in your dreams symbolizes that you set the same boundaries for yourself in real life. Maybe, you do so because of fear toward unknown, doubts about the changes, or perhaps you aren’t confident in yourself and can’t believe that you and your efforts deserve to be recognized and acknowledged. Believe, these boundaries will bring nothing but suppression of your ego and creative potential. Moreover, you’ll suffer from complexes and regret about missed opportunities in the future. So, remove your frames and live a full life!

If you’re surrounded by the masterpieces of the most famous painters in your dream, it means that in real life you’re aspiring to be as successful and prominent as they are. Good for you! If you continue improving your skills with such spirit, success won’t keep you waiting.

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