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Pancake - Meaning of Dream

Pancake, symbolizing the sun, is a good sign for a dreamer. If you see pancakes on the table, you will have joyful news, fun, and different successes. If you are engaged in the cooking of pancakes, it predicts carnal pleasures. Pancakes, richly flavored with sour cream, predicting a return of the old, long-forgotten and forgiven monetary debt. This dream also may portend other receipts.

If during a meal you run out of pancakes, in reality you will succeed in business.

Dream book of Miller interprets a dream as if you enjoy the taste of pancakes, as a significant achievement in any activity. Cooking pancakes symbolizes your frugality, consistent management of affairs.

According to Freud’s dream book if you eat pancakes, it indicates the abundance of sexual fantasies and experience of a dreamer.

According to the dream interpreter, to eat pancakes means to manage all plans and to be very lucky. But if it has butter or cottage cheese – you will have losses and disappointments.

If you eat pancakes with jam or cream you will be fooled by a close person, but then you will recover the stress very fast.

If pancakes have meat – very soon you will have losses. If it has caviar, it indicates possible deprivation of health.

To cook pancakes means that you will have carnal pleasures. To overcook – leads to happiness and luck.

Appetizing pancakes mean that you will be happy to have an interesting romantic date.

If you see somebody else eating pancakes, it means that your undertaking will have a great success.

If pancakes are not cooked enough, you should work hard in order to overcome difficulties.

A dream, where pancakes are spoiled, is a prognostic of irritation and annoyance.

Pancake carnival predicts some troubles, which require your craftiness while finding the method of solution.

If somebody gives you pancakes, it means that you can trust and rely on people who surround you.

If you drop pancakes, beware of wasting your money.

If you choke with a pancake in a dream, it signals of your unworthy acts from which somebody has suffered.

To sell pancakes means to cause problems, to buy means to meet new friends.

To see a pile of pancakes means to receive a letter.