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Pattern (Sewing) - Meaning of Dream

If you use sewing pattern for creating a real masterpiece, in reality you will face the situation which you have encountered before.

If you are making a pattern by yourself neglecting other’s help, then in real life you have to look for the original decision of a delicate problem.

In case you made the wrong pattern and the result disappointed you, it demonstrates your worries about receiving news.

If you measure a pattern with an attempt to sew a dress or a skirt, but something is going wrong – you will be tired to go back and forth to different instances with your papers.

To see a master in the studio making the pattern of your dress foretells that cutting out funds from poor family budget will not help you.

Pattern in a dream predicts that your illusive hopes may be too naive and you should not rely much on them.

To visit an exhibition in a dream is an auspicious sign: you can count on the help of those whom you never trust to; or you will set an agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation with your rivals.

If you see a strange pattern, it means that you will have to look for money to live.

Wasting time on making a pattern without good result foretells that in real life your work will be worth of universal respect.

Dreaming of a pattern a raincoat or coat, be careful, you might catch influenza.