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Pearl - Meaning of Dream


Seeing pearls in your dreams can be interpreted rather differently. According to one interpretation it bodes a person tears and sorrow concerning mostly his/her private life (there is a possibility that your relationships with your boyfriend/girlfriend will be broken off), according to another – success in business, trade and public activity. Don’t lose your heart about the first interpretation but take it into consideration. The world is your oyster. If you really see your future hand in hand with some person, you’ll overcome all the obstacles.

If a woman/girl is seeing a pearl shell, it is a proof of her sweetheart’s sincere feelings. She is the one and only for him. Let your doubts about this disappear, if any.

If a girl/woman is presented with a pearl jewelry or is putting on a pearl necklace, it bodes her a loving and attentive darling, mutual love and a happy marriage. If a man gets a pearl gem in his dream, it is also a favorable sign for his future family life. It means that he’ll marry a worthy girl/woman who will make him very happy. A happy life together is guaranteed.

Seeing a dress embroidered with pearls by a girl/woman stands for a pleasant surprise from her beloved.

For a man a dream in which he is opening a pearl shell is important. If there is a pearl inside a shell, it means that he’ll gain his goal in real life. All his efforts will be generously awarded. If there isn’t, it indicates that there’ll be a lot of pitfalls on your way to success. Although, you’ll manage to overcome all of them and reach your aims. Your success is not canceled, it is just postponed for some time.

If a young woman is admiring the pearls in her dream, it signifies that her heart will be full of love very soon. Her dreams about a wonderful prince will come true. It’s important to remark that it’ll be mutual love, which will bring you heavenly happiness.

If in your dream you’re scattering the pearls, it refers to misery and grief. You’ll fall on evil times. But you should remember that they will be gone soon and everything will sort itself out.

A dream with pearls may concern a professional life along with a private one. No matter whether you’re a woman or a man, such a dream forebodes you success in your business. It will reward your hard work and sincere devotion to your occupation in the nearest future. You can gain a great profit and authority in the society.

Diving for pearls in your dream means that you don’t need help from anyone, even if you face many difficulties. You’re wise and determined enough to solve all the problems by yourself. Good for you! But if there is a situation that is a hard nut to crack for you, calm down your arrogance and ask for an advice or help. Otherwise, you can lose everything you’ve gained! Be wise.

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