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Perming - Meaning of Dream

According to the modern dream book if you plan to do perming or have done it, this dream predicts new interesting acquaintances, which in the future will develop into a real friendship.

If you dream that you went to the hairdresser to do perm, in reality, take measures to retain your beloved one. Most likely, he is indifferent to you and does not reciprocate, but you are ready for any, even not very good deeds, trying to interest him. Slow down a little, or the surrounding people will gossip about your relationship that will not be good for your reputation.

The frustration associated with the result of own perm, is a herald of melancholy and boredom. You'd be surprised, but melancholy will dwell in your heart on the background of seemingly complete well-being. If a perming is done to a person you don’t know, it is a sign of jealousy.

In Miller’s dream book, if you see a barber/hairdresser, who does perm, this dream is a harbinger of future success, which will become possible thanks to your pedantry. Perhaps in reality you possess such features as integrity and perseverance in achieving goals that will play into the hands. For a woman, such a dream foretells a good luck and happiness. Unfortunately, she wants more, and therefore she risks losing something and experiencing disappointments.

If you plan to go to the hairdresser, it bodes that some unordinary event will happen, and you will take direct part in it. For a woman, such a dream is a herald of family conflicts, where she will be the reason.

If a hairdresser made a beautiful perm, it tells that you will worry in vain.

According to Freud, if you do perm on long hair, it indicates that you feel insecure in sexual relationships. If the hair is short, on the contrary - you are unshakably confident. Unusual or complex wave indicates your complexes. Chances are that you are suffering and are very worried about own failures in intimate sphere.