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Pitchfork - Meaning of Dream

Pitchfork in the modern dream book is interpreted as a violent conflict, which is designed to make you and your opponent to be serious enemies. This quarrel may be particularly devastating or even have fatal consequences, both for the existing mutual feelings and relations, as well as for physical and mental health of all its participants.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you use pitchfork for fight in a dream, it symbolize the coming life fight for a place in the sun. In reality you will have to arm yourself with other tools, including intelligence. Your foreseeable future will depend on your actions.

Vanga interpreted pitchfork in own yard as a warning of hiding foe, who is currently looking for an opportunity to harm you. If you collect straw into stack with a help of pitchfork, it indicates your hard work and effort that you do in order to change attitude of other people towards you. All the hardships that you have to go through will turn to be a winning of recognition.

Freud stated that pitchfork is a vivid sex symbol. But it is usually seen by people who are looking for sharp and unusual feelings. These searches will be dangerous and can lead to unexpected injuries and bruises. If you dream of your partner with a pitchfork in his/her hand, it means that you should be ready for gossip and rough explanation arising because of your misconduct.

If someone armed with pitchforks attacked you, this dream is a warning about harmful attempts and plans of your opponents.

If you see a pitchfork among other tools, it bodes that your unworthy actions will not be noticed by anyone.

To see how someone works with pitchfork means that you have a lot of true loving friends who respect you and whom you can always rely on.

A dream in which you accidentally step on pitchforks means that you are in a dangerous dependence on someone and it bothers you, but you can’t make up your mind to change the situation.