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Pledge - Meaning of Dream

If you borrow on pledge, it tells that in reality your affairs will be complicated with problems that require urgent resolution. If you deposit a bail in a dream, it portends that circumstances will forced you to return to the old, but not finished case. A dream, in which you can’t redeem the pledge, indicates your low self-esteem. By discarding doubt and demonstrating full confidence you will be able to control own destiny.

If you happened to redeem the pledge, in reality you will gain a reliable victory over your powerful and influential enemies.

A dream, in which you remand someone’s belongings on bail, portends a confrontation with influential and powerful opponent. For a woman, this dream promises a romantic relationship with a man she likes. A dream, in which a person executes the records for mortgaging real property, is a warning for a man. On the contrary, for women this dream promises plenty of courtesies from the opposite sex.

If you dream that you leave you documents as a deposit, it foretells showdown, and the discussion of unpleasant questions with relatives and colleagues. If you read the mortgage certificate, it is a harbinger of new serious relationship and the prospects for success. A dream in which you have lost it promises grief and anxiety.

If your attempts to pay off the deposit were not successful, it indicates that your demanding and unreasonable desire to accelerate the development of events always causes other’s annoyance.

According to Miller, if you remand money on bail, it indicates the accumulation of urgent matters which have to be solved. If you made a deposit for the release from custody, then in reality you can count on the help of your friends. A dream, in which you are deprived of the opportunity to redeem your pledge, indicates your nervousness and bad estimation of own abilities.