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Plumber - Meaning of Dream


To decipher a dream in which you saw a plumber you need to return in the past. Maybe, you’ve seen a person of such a profession because you had to ask for his help lately in waking life. In this case, your mind just reflects the event of your real life in your subconsciousness without an intention to tell you something important or warn you against something. It is the same if you were a musician, for instance, and you saw the dreams where you were playing some musical instrument. It is like your brain shows you your reality while you are sleeping. If such an event took place in your life, you must take into consideration your personal attitude to a plumber. Whether you were satisfied with his work or not; whether he was rude to you or rather nice; etc. If you liked him, such a dream cannot bode anything bad and vice versa.

As a plumber deals with water, your dream can be interpreted from this perspective as well. Water is a mighty symbol. It stands for a surge of our emotions and feelings. If a water pipe is blocked (which is a main reason for calling a plumber), it can imply that you reserve your emotions (thus, your real attitude toward something or somebody is hidden). It is difficult to say whether your behavior is right or wrong. Everything depends on some particular situation. It is only you who can judge this. Maybe, you have no choice; you may hide your real feelings not to hurt somebody’s ones; a situation requires such restraint; and so on.

Seeing that water supply functions properly in your dream is a good omen. It means that you’ll become very successful very soon. So, you can easily start bringing your ideas to life. But don’t think that everything will run without a hitch. Of course, there can be obstacles on your way. If you don’t stop at them and continue working hard, you’ll quickly and easily overcome them. Moreover, you’ll be able to turn some of them into your advantages. Good luck!

If water supply is malfunctioning in your dream, it is an unfavorable sign. It cautions you against some serious troubles. Beware of suspicious affairs because if you’re dragged into a dirty business, you may suffer great financial losses. Besides, your reputation will inevitably have a slur. Think twice whether it is worth of it.

Seeing a leaking mixer in your dream denotes that you should be more attentive to the things (or people) you spend your money on. Is it possible to save? Extra money is never superfluous. You’ll obligatory have a situation when you’ll badly need it.

If there is sanitary engineering in your dream, it prepares you to a situation which will make you strain your nerves.

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