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Pool - Meaning of Dream


Not everyone knows what pool means in a dream. If you bathe or swim in it, this dream is good for a young lady, as it promises the emergence of a true friend, who will be able to consolidate his position by own dignity and decency towards other people.

To swim in your own pool, means that in the very near future sleeper, literally, you will fling yourself whole-heartedly into the feelings of sincere love and because of this all worries and boring duties will be forgotten completely. It would seem that you had never felt such a strong feeling before. However, almost immediately, after the intimacy with the object of passion, you will be greatly disappointed in a person and your reason will get sober. That is why, after this dream you need to pay particular attention to the choice of lovers, so you do not suffer from the resulting disappointment.

If you bathe in the pool, pay special attention to the fact, what is the water, clean or not? If the pool is filled with almost crystal clear water, it means that you will have only pleasant events; if the water is muddy and dirty, it means that you have to be ready for some troubles.

If you are dreaming about empty pool without water, this dream may indicate that your soul is completely empty, because of breaking a long relationship with a loved one. Just recently, your main purpose of living was different, and now you go out of your mind. After seeing such dream, it is worth thinking about own fate, because ahead you might find all the best, and it is not necessary to grieve because of this loss. After all, the reason for breaking up relations could be very passionate love that will eventually get you bored.

To swim in the dream in the pool with clean water, it means that you have to prepare for some very important meeting, which will take place in the near future. Maybe again in your life you will meet an old friend or acquaintance, to whom you felt warm feelings.

In case, you swim very well in the pool, as well as in life, such a dream could mean that very soon you will receive a quite tempting offer that you will gladly accept. However, you must carefully check whether the offer is profitable or not.

If you swim in the pool with a great pleasure, it means that in reality you are heavily involved into some daily activities which you simply can’t stop doing. After seeing this dream, you should stop and rest a little bit, in order not to suffer from chronic fatigue in the future.

If you are swimming in the pool, but for some reason you don’t like what you are doing, this dream foretells separation from a close friend who will be forced to move to another city or for a long trip and will not be back soon.

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