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Porch - Meaning of Dream

If you see a porch which is decorated with black flowers, in reality you should get ready for the funeral, most likely, someone of your relatives or even you will die.

Sitting on the porch portends the arrival of guests. If you paint a porch, this is a prediction of participating in a new project.

If you dream of your enemy standing on the porch and waving to you, in reality you will have to agree with him and form an alliance; otherwise you can lose a significant amount of your savings.

If you are engaged in the construction of a porch, it bodes that you will impose new obligations on yourself.

If a girl is carefully washing the porch, this is a prediction of her upcoming marriage. This symbol may also portend an invitation to the celebration, which will take place in a very warm atmosphere.

If a porch had suddenly fallen in, this is a sign that dreamer’s parent will soon die. If you see the porch overgrown with moss, in reality you will have to pay for own suspicion, because you will offend your loved one and he/she will decide to break up with you.

The porch can be called a positive sign, because in most cases it promises good and new opportunities. However, it may presage negative events; it all depends on other elements of a dream.

Dreaming of a porch is a harbinger of a carefree life; this symbol indicates that a dreamer has nothing to worry about.

If you are engaged in porch repairing, this dream promises reconciliation with a wife, who recently wanted to file for divorce. For a girl, a dreaming as if her boyfriend paints the porch with white paint portends the forthcoming proposal of marriage.

This symbol often heralds changes, but they will depend on the current state of affairs. If everything goes well, you should be prepared for problems. But if you are experiencing a series of misfortunes, get ready for fortune favour.

If you saw an old man on the porch, you should be prepared to family problems; if you saw an officer on the porch, this is a sign of doubts; a baker – surprise; a magician – deception; a clown - joyous events.

Very often a porch is a symbol of a new phase of life, so you must be prepared for the fact that life will change dramatically, but you shouldn’t oppose this, because everything is done for the better.

A porch is a very interesting sign that sometimes brings surprises, therefore if you saw the porch in a dream get ready for them; and if you do not want to change anything, you can always write your dream on a piece of paper and burn it, after this it will never become real.