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Potion - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see how you drink potion, it portends new acquaintances that will bring a good profit. If a woman drinks this magical drink in order to be young again, in the future she will be lonely in her old age, and all because of her bad temper, so she needs to be more flexible, otherwise men would stay away from her.

If a man adds potion in the glass of his beloved in order to bewitch her, such a dream suggests that their relationships have run out of steam, and they have no future together. In this case, the best solution is to break up.

If you dried herbs for preparing the magical drink, in reality you will suffer losses, which will hit your pocket. If the potion has a pleasant lovely scent, the dreamer will have a long and happy life full of pleasant surprises. The unpleasant smell emanating from the drink heralds the arrival of an old friend who is jealous of the good financial situation of the dreamer.

Potions are often seen as heralds of a loss, but also this can be a sign and a harbinger of serious health problems. That's why after this dream you should be examined, perhaps the medical examination will reveal abnormalities or serious illness. Potion in a dream portends financial difficulties, it is not recommended to overspend and make unnecessary purchases.

If you drink a magic potion, in reality you’ll get good money, which is better to invest. If a dreamer cooks potion, he/she will have to make great efforts to make the planned transaction succeed.

For a young girl, this dream is a harbinger of a meeting with a very nice man who will become an obsession for her, but he will be indifferent to her feelings.

If a woman gives potion to her husband in a dream, it portends imminent separation, and the reason for that will be a rival, who pursues her selfish goals. Collect herbs in a dream to cook this magical drink - in reality you will have to solve the problem of a friend who asks for help.

Reflecting on what potion can mean, you should recall its color. The red color of the drink says that the dreamer is in love with a young lady who performs impossible actions in order to get his attention.

Green and black potion portends a disease, which can’t be cured quickly. Yellow magic brew could spell problems in personal life, so it's better not to argue with a partner about anything, because there is a possibility that a small quarrel can grow into a big scandal.

Blue potion spilled on the table, heralds the funeral of a loved one who has long suffered from an incurable disease. Orange hue drink says that a dreamer should pay more attention to own children, because they miss him.