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Potter - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see yourself as a potter, it foreshadows that you will defend own priorities. You have to demonstrate more of persistence and strength of character. If you were a talented potter, it portends that people will evaluate your efforts. If you were unskillful potter, in real life you may be defeated, and your point of view will not be supported.

If you see how a real potter works, it portends that you will have difficulties while communicating with own child, because you are constantly busy and the child has lost connection with you, and it requires hard for regain of your previous relationship. Dreaming of a potter bodes constantly satisfying job.

To be present at the pottery exhibition tells that you are quick and smart. Therefore, it is not a big deal to solve a difficult situation for you.

If you receive a pottery present or something like that, this dream portends that you will lose your property, which you have gain with a hard work.

For a girl, a dream about potter foretells pleasant meetings and joy with her boyfriend.

Molding pots or seeing a potter who molds pots in your dream is a signal of opportunity to benefit from business that seems to be unfruitful for others.

If a potter molds statues, whistles and toys instead of pots, it portends that your matters will be fruitless and you should not make any deluding prospects.

If a potter sells his products or you buy it from him/her, it foretells that the present situation will change and you might face danger.