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Poverty - Meaning of Dream

To be poor in the dream – means to be rich in life. The dream about poverty can be interpreted with vice versa meaning. If you are a rich person – be careful, you can lose everything you have. If you are poor in life, this dream tells you about possibility to become rich.

Still according to modern dream book, a poor man is a sign of bad luck and need. You will manage to prepare and survive that period with little emotions, as it doesn’t last forever. If you see yourself as a poor man, but you preserve complacency and honor, then you will be enormously happy, your conscience will be clean, because you will only use fair methods for achievement the desired.

If you see a lot of poor people, it is an appeal to the charity and righteousness.

A poor man in the dream book by Miller foretells you a difficult situation. For a young girl it is a sign of her plans collapse. If entrepreneur dreams of a poor old and weak man, then he needs to organize own activities more accurately, otherwise he will experience large monetary deprivation.

If you give money to a poor man, it indicates your despair due to the prevailing circumstances. You should do something to overcome the difficulties. If you have denied alms, then it's not a good sign.

To be a poor man according to Vanga’s dream book means that your thoughts are directed only onto obtaining wealth. You should not entirely be given to entertainment and worldly goods.

If someone very close to you is a poor man in your dream, it means that your relatives will be tired of your excessive care and attention. Helping the poor is an auspicious sign. In reality there are always people who are ready to provide you with help and support at any time.

A crowd of poor people calling for help is a warning: by accident you will find yourself in the midst of a global catastrophe, moreover you will take it too close to the heart.