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Prison - Meaning of Dream


Sometimes people see very strange night dreams. For example, a good person, always complying with the laws, and in good relationships with law-enforcement agencies, but had a dream, where he/she was in a prison, or even escaped from there.

If you dream of escape from prison, it is not a bad sign. In general it is a sign of liberation from what oppresses, from something obsolete, unnecessary, or unwanted.

After such dreams with a prison you will be completely lucky in real life. The failures and bad luck remains in the past. For those, who had problems at work, this dream promises resolution of any business troubles. If the dreamer is tired of everyday routine, the dream about escaping from prison means that he/she will change the place of residence. Now it will be easier to make a decision about moving to a new location or to change something in own environment. It is important not to be afraid of own nightmares, as not always it has a bad meaning. Often such dreams promise something good and very pleasant: joyful time, promotion, and even a lot of money.

For a sick person, the dream about escaping from prison will bring very good news about recovery. After such dream you will have unlimited possibilities in different spheres, most importantly - do not miss your chance.

There are many dream books. Basically, they all interpret the jailbreak in a dream, as a positive sign. For example, Mayan dream interpretation explains it as a message about upcoming meeting with an interesting and wise person.

Family dream book warns that after seeing escape, you have to give up bad habits, as it can strike your reputation.

Generally, an escape from prison is the most beneficial dream relating to this topic. But if you dream of the opposite, as if you are imprisoned, it threatens with failures in business. Someone or something can restrict the freedom of action and thus prevent personal and career growth.

As can be seen in general, this dream leads to the well-being in real life.

If you happen to see that you are imprisoned, it means that you need to think about the fact that in reality you have done something wrong, subconsciously you feel the constant control and can not understand own problems. Perhaps, you forbid yourself something you really want, and because of this, you see yourself in a prison. A dream in which a person goes to a prison, it is a warning sign, which means that he/she can not perform anything important and necessary, so feels unhappy and unsatisfied.

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