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Propagandist - Meaning of Dream

To see a propagandist in your dream is a possibility to encounter unpleasant impressions, in the meaning of some unexpected events, which will leave you bad memories.

To listen to a propagandist symbolizes that you will successfully manage the position of a manager, you have all necessary qualities for that. Even though people will be envy, don’t give up.

If a dreamer follows the ideas of a propagandist – he/she will be deceived and ashamed.

To speak to a propagandist means that somebody from your surroundings will unpleasantly surprise you, therefore will open his/her real nature.

To be a propagandist in your dream is to fight for own point of view in real life; arguments with colleagues at work.

If you kick/punch a propagandist in your dream – you waste your creative energy in vain.

If you are fighting/arguing with a propagandist, it means that you will fall in love in somebody from unknown surroundings.

If you see your friend as a propagandist in your dream - beware of his/her betrayal.

To take part in a meeting of voters at a propaganda station is a sign that you spend not enough time with your child, what can have very bad outcome.

If in real life you are connected to this sphere and you had such a dream – be ready for failures at work.

If you see just a building of a propaganda station - you will be lucky to become rich, unexpected profit will surprise you.