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Publisher - Meaning of Dream

Publisher in a dream predicts trips, travel, new experiences and vivid emotions that may cause your irresistible desire to reflect your feeling in the artistic way. If you got married with a publisher, this dream foretells uncontrollable jealousy. If you are a young lady and you dreamed of a publisher, it bodes that you will become very jealous because of husband’s female friends. Make an effort, moderate your ardor a bit; otherwise your relationship will be overshadowed with nervousness and suspicion.

If you were a publisher of the magazine or newspaper, it is a quite auspicious sign foretelling foreign travel and friends in different parts of the globe. If the publisher rejected your manuscript - alas, but your hopes and dreams will never come true. But if the publisher agreed to publish the material written by you - all your plans will miraculously come true in foreseeable future.

If you had a vision in which you argued or quarreled with the publisher - you are in big danger, and you risk being attacked by street hooligans; thus be careful. If you dreamed that the publisher made an appointment at the publishing house at inopportune time, for example, at night – get ready for positive changes. You may accidentally meet an old friend who will offer you a good job, or find the love of your life. If you brought the manuscript to a publishing house and suddenly saw that the building was on fire - do not worry, this dream portends nothing wrong. As you know, manuscripts do not burn, so the fire in a publishing house is a symbol of protection. In reality, you will be accompanied by protection of your close people and reliable friends.

If you dream that your husband works as a publisher, you will have hysterics because of jealousy. If a publisher lost your manuscript - you should beware of evil intrigues of the strangers.