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Questionnaire - Meaning of Dream

Questionnaire in a dream reflect a fact that you have to organize everything which is important in your life. Recently, you didn’t pay attention to what you do and how your deals proceed, and now you are facing a complete mess. Try to figure out everything as fast as possible, in order to retake former success.

To make up questions for a questionnaire in a dream, due to dream interpretation means that you will need to act unconventionally in order to reach your goal.

To read a questionnaire in a dream means that you will get to know that somebody has been lying to you for a long time.

If a lady is doing a questionnaire interview, it is an indication that at this period of time she is ready for new relationship.

For a man, such a dream means that he will be surrounded by attention of many ladies.

If you fill up a questionnaire in a dream, it means that you hide your true motives from your surroundings.

To view someone else’s questionnaire means that you get used to perceive others as an example for yourself, you don’t appreciate your own strength and you only compare yourself with others.

If it is not a problem for you to fill out a questionnaire – you don’t need to worry. The business that you start will be not tough. In case it is difficult for you to fill out a questionnaire the dream reflects your doubt in own capability.

If you fill out the questionnaire with wrong information, it means that you deceive yourself by calming down, because you can’t reach your goal.

If in a dream you tear a questionnaire apart, you’d better avoid risking and everything will be good.