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Registry office - Meaning of Dream

Registry office is a symbol of renewal, which will come into your life very soon. The changes and innovation will depend only on you and on your outlook on life.

For a young unmarried girl a dreaming about registry office portends upcoming marriage, which will be happy and long.

If you see yourself entering the registry office in a wedding dress, it portends a disease which you will overcome with the help of your loved one. For a girl, who doesn’t have a lover, it is a sign of promising meeting.

For a young unmarried guy, this dream portends the red tape with the documents, and possible loss of passport or military ID.

If you walk around and pass by the registry office and see other people's weddings, it bodes that in reality the ladies around will envy you, so you should be careful, because envy doesn’t lead to anything good.

If a registry office is seen by older people, this dream tells that a dreamer has to draw up a will, because now is the best time to do it properly. In addition, these days a dreamer will be visited by social services and of course they will raise the pension. But do not delay the execution of documents, as the tariffs may rise very soon.

If you hear music playing in the registry office and it is decorated with flowers, it tells that in the near future you will take a journey that will radically change your life for better.

A dream, in which the registry office was clothed, portends troubles with the paperwork.

If you are present in the registry office during the wedding ceremony, it portends that soon you will receive the inheritance that you've been waiting for. And all the documents confirming the right of ownership will be quickly executed.

A dream, in which the registrar appears, warns against making premature conclusions about the repair in own apartment. Due to the lack of finances, the execution will be delayed for indefinite time, and you should forget about comfort.

If you came to the registry office to file an application, in real life the resolution of your problems will take time. You should not make any responsible decisions in a hurry, without understanding the subject of matter. If you went to the registry office as a guest, it tells that you contemplate your life from afar: you do not make any decisions, do not participate in the changes, and do not affect the course of events.

If you were in the registry office ready for the ceremony, but your partner was missing, it signifies that in reality your fervor and excessive concerns oppress her/him.

If in a dream you worked in the registrar, in fact you are too pedantic: everything in your life is done carefully, accurately, and without errors or mistakes.