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Revenue - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see yourself as the owner of a profitable business, which brings you passive income from rent, portends an illegal profit, which may later turn into great sorrows. If you dreamed of your relatives’ accession to the heirship, it foretells happy coincidence which will make you successful.

A dream, in which you get upset because of a partial receipt of your revenue, indicates that the desired level of well-being will not be reached.

A woman, who lost her revenue in a dream, in reality will face the frustration associated with insignificant position in society and unwillingness to secure own future. The attention, warm feeling, caring and luxurious existence have changed into everyday life where a young person has to achieve success independently.

A dream, in which you earn income and become the owner of the property, Miller interprets as your insincere attitude to family and friends. Your falsity can be the reason for misunderstanding. You will be happy, if in a dream you see the inheritance shared among all your relatives.

Friction with relatives and friends is a result of a dream in which you received income, which did not come up with your expectations. If you revenue was not big enough, it real life you will also have short-term success.