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Rice - Meaning of Dream


Rice, seen in a dream is an omen that you will receive a present not particularly valuable, but dear to your heart. Some dream books regard rice that appears in the dream as a harbinger of possible problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps this is due to the beneficial influence of the broth of rice, which can soothe even the most powerful and abundant diarrhea. Anyway, the general opinion of most dream books converges on the favorable meaning of the dream with rice.

If you dream of rice, it means that most of your affairs will be successfully completed. In addition, over the coming weeks you will be accompanied by unprecedented luck and success in business and personal life. This is an excellent time to conduct business negotiations and start any large-scale activity that requires great precision and clarity of action.

If you are engaged in farming in real life, the dreams about rice foreshadow a rich harvest and generous remuneration for your work. If you dream of eating rice, you can count on well-being of family life in reality.

If you dream of rice with embedment it is a warning. This dream foreshadows the appearance of situation that may affect your well-being, cause injuries and potential conflicts between you and your close friends. This may be the reason of cooling of relations or complete cessation of friendly communication.

If you cook dishes made of rice in a dream, it promises that soon you will receive material benefits that can improve the quality of your life and provide a comfortable existence for a long time. Apart from anything else, you will have a possible increase through the ranks and, as a consequence, income affecting your wellbeing, as well as all your family members.

In addition, the rice can be interpreted as an omen that it is necessary to reconsider your behavior in terms of acquiring the necessary products, qualitatively affecting the state of your health.

If you dream that you buy rice, such dream promises the extension of living space on the means of acquisition an apartment or a house.

If a sick person sees rice, it means that he/she can count on a speedy recovery after seeing such dream.

If you dream of dirty rice, with some kind of small garbage in it, the dream portends you problems in real life. Before you become happy, you will have to face the difficulties and losses. Perhaps some of your friends will decide to stop communicating with you. In such situation you should remain faithful to your ideals, and then the result of your actions will be good.

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