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Rink - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a skating rink, very soon you will have to interact with a frivolous person, who is also a sycophant and a flatterer. Brightly lit skating rink with a lot of happy visitors dancing and enjoying good music indicates your real desire to have fun. Probably you have not had a festive mood and new positive impressions for a long time.

If you watched as the ice rink was filled with water, in reality you may forget about your pledge and suffer moral punishment for that, losing a good friend. If such a dream was seen by a young girl, she may suffer from the cold-blooded lie.

You found yourself on a rink, but you were unable to skate, this dream predicts that some of the promises given to you by your fan will not be fulfilled, but that is not a reason for worries.

If you can’t stand on the rink and you often fall, it tells that close people do not always treat you seriously. Moreover, they do not take your desires and needs into consideration.

If you dream of the area for a skating rink in its initial state with bare asphalt, this dream tells that you will be able to show your excellent business acumen. In addition, your determination and will to win may significantly increase. Especially favorable is a dream in which you drive an ice resurfacer. In this case, it will be easy to overcome all obstacles on your way in reality.

Skating rink is a symbol of instability and extreme. After dreaming about a skating rink, get ready for memorable events and experience. If you have a partner on a rink with you, then you will experience these events in real life together. If you dream that you skate and never fall, get ready for extreme events, which will bring you joy and happiness.

For women, a skating rink portends instability in their lives. Perhaps the dream suggests that you are too fickle; for example, in love affairs. If you fall at the rink, it's a sign that you need to make your life safer, stop rushing from one business to another, and become more rational.

For men, this dream is a hint to demonstrate confidence, prove the stability and peace of mind. Someone might try to make you very angry, but you will need to remain calm and confident.

If you found yourself without skates on the rink, in reality to might face the similar situation in which you won’t have usual amenities and money. You will have to find the way out of this situation, which is fair to be difficult.